Online news editors application of algorithmic media in online newspaper production in Nigeria

  • Robert E. Ezeanwu, et al,
Keywords: Algorithms, Application, media, Online Newspaper Editors


Newsroom automation is among the many ground breaking revolutions that the mass media have seen in recent years. These automations have aided in the improvements of media operations and editorial processes through the deployment of artificial intelligence software that helps reduce the burden on human editors. Computer algorithms and other new forms of computer automations have been adopted by big news agencies in and around the world. Also, some organisations have adopted or automated some sections of their news room to allow for more democratisation of news contents and to improve speed and accuracy. This study adopted explanatory mixed method research design and utilised the survey method employing questionnaire and the personal interview to collect data. Using multi-stage sampling the research was guided by four research objectives. The study found very poor awareness, knowledge level and very poor (almost non-existent) utilisation of algorithmic media in online news selection and production in Nigeria. Poor knowledge and lack of understanding of the workings of algorithms affected the opinions and challenges faced by online newspaper editorial staff. Therefore, the paper recommended improvements in knowledge through capacity development trainings to educate online newspaper editors and for media organisations to adopt modern day best practices through appropriate utilisation of this new media technology.

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