Online Social Networks Misuse, Cyber-Crimes and Counter-Mechanisms in Nigeria

  • Desmond Onyemechi Okocha, et al.
Keywords: Online Social Network, Cyber-crime, Social Media, Cybersecurity


This study provides a valuable understanding of how online social network has been used to perpetrate cyber-crimes and the counter mechanism to prevent such attack at the same time. The study was based on social learning theory. The research method adopted for this paper was qualitative research. In-depth interviews were used to collect primary data. A list of questions was prepared through Google Form as guidance for each interview session. Thirty (30) participants were chosen and divided into three batches (A, B, and C), using the convenient sampling approach. According to the findings of the study, criminals increasingly use online techniques such as stock spam e-mail and online extortion, cyber bullying, hacking of social media accounts, cyber theft, cyber harassment, cyber stalking, and cyber defamation. The study showed that cyber-crime cannot be eradicated and social media users ought to be careful and security conscious. It is a call for serious awareness by the government, the media, the Internet service providers, and users at large. Hence, the call to ensure security and privacy across all social media platforms is essential. Based on the findings of this study, it recommends that cyber education alongside other relevant domains should be taught from the elementary to the tertiary levels to avoid assaults and filter malware or suspected harmful code.

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